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Previous Entry I still exist Jun. 29th, 2009 @ 04:19 am Next Entry
I haven't wrote here in forever... I guess thats what happens when you start "blogging" elsewhere.. I've been doing more of my blogging on downelink.com.. I don't even have enough room for a quick update.. So much can happen in a year or so.. hmm.. I'm still in Florida.. still fighting spam for a living.. still driving my cougar.. The lady that I was renting my house from decided not to pay her mortgage, so... that house went up for auction and I had a 3 day notice to leave even though I was never late on my rent (I legally have 90 days... but after a series of emails and threats of legal action, I got all of that taken care of.. too much to type).. all of my stuff is in storage ($25/mo) and all of my mail goes to a UPS mailbox ($12.50/mo).. I don't have a car note.. I am really enjoying not having any financial responsibilities. I've been living on my own and paying my own bills since 17.. I'm 26 now.. so after 9 years of paying bills, its nice to have a break.

All of my income is spending money. I travel, go out to eat, travel.. lol.. my best friend Lynda moved to Pensacola. She's opening up an Asian Seafood and Barbecue restaurant in August, so in my free time I've been helping her clean /paint the restaurant to get it ready for health inspection... And my girlfriend L'Oreal also moved to Pensacola. She moved from DeKalb, Mississippi .... so Pensacola is really a big change for her - coming from a very small town. So far, she loves it here... She joined the women's football team here and got to play in a couple of games.. we spend alot of time on the beach.. watching the waves and running our toes in the sand.. She's been here for 2 months and we go out to eat every day.. I wish I cooked more, but I just don't have the patience to sit in front of an oven or stove..

maybe I'll eventually start writing more.. I was browsing livejournal today cuz I just bought Animal Crossing City Folk on the Wii and I was trying to find friend codes so that I can visit other towns using the WiiConnect24... I found a lj community for Animal Crossing.. so I guess I'll be on here more, as long as I stay addicted to the game.. because I work overnight, my days are free to do what I like.. I don't sleep much. maybe 2 or 3 hours of sleep a day - maximum.. so, I feel like I have all the time in the world.

um.. at one point I succeeded in weight loss.. losing a total of 48 lbs from my heaviest point.

(this was me - on the left - at my heaviest point.. ewwww)

and the weight stubbornly but eventually came off.. I feel like a regular person now... instead of a giant obese cow heifer...

(me December 2008 and 48 lbs smaller) oh yeah, I cut all my hair off too...

However, the whole "being in a relationship" thing is keeping me happy and I've been watching the pounds creep back up on me... damn I wish my metabolism was regular and I didn't gain weight like a whale.. however, I just need to start being a little more active - its not like I don't have the time...

oh well, 2 more hours of work and I'm off to another regular Siobhan weekday...
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Date:April 21st, 2010 11:24 am (UTC)
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