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About well.... it's been awhile....

Previous Entry well.... it's been awhile.... Apr. 23rd, 2007 @ 10:49 pm Next Entry
Not that anything has seriously changed... but I guess I'm just not a big writer... I've actually been keeping a paper journal. It feels more personal and I get to express more. My moods have been up and down lately. Then again, they are always up and down...lol... I have one more week of classes.. my graduation is May 5th... and I will have my Masters degree in Instructional Technology... I am in the middle of being excited and overwhelmed. I also feel like "whats the point" in all of this... not just my Masters degree but just with everything in life. I don't have a long philosophical explanation about what I feel, but I am generally unhappy with my life for some reason.

I'm starting Siotech Kid's after school computer training center in August. I have 30 computers in my garage waiting and I started writing the curriculum last night... it consists of homework activities, reading /math tutoring, FCAT practice and preparation, hardware, software, and web design - on grade levels 1st through 5th. I received all of the paper work that I have to fill out in order to employ work study students. I registered my business with the state of Florida... I have my business license and the federal tax ID... I found a great location (a snug spot in between a video game store and a child day care center)... now I just need tables, chairs, desks (and other furniture)... and I need to design an advertisement to place in local magazines and newspapers... I also need to set up times to speak about my business to the PTA members and other parents in Escambia County...

I've braided my hair into tiny little braids... and I am going to keep it like this forever... I also started running / power walking 3 miles every morning... it helps with the stress and realization that I don't have a social life... I also think I may have lost some kind of weight. I don't pay attention to my weight anymore. Everyday I become more and more distant from Cedric... I hate that I hurt him, but I really don't feel like I can love anyone in a romantic way... especially not a man. I would rather not wrap my emotions around someone. Everyone is getting married. My mom remarried last month. My best friend Lynda is engaged. I could name several other people....and it's very funny...cuz I use to want to be married. Now, I would rather not.. that's not the direction I want to go in my life. Marriage does not equal a happy ending for me. I want to move to a 3 bedroom condo on Pensacola Beach (the portofino.. $1.5 million...) and lay around in the sand while drinking iced chai tea ...
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Date:April 25th, 2007 08:30 am (UTC)
i miss you. i'm sorry if you hurt... even if it isn't my fault.
i am glad to see that siotech is about to finally begin. exciting.

and chai tea is pretty darn good.
Date:May 20th, 2007 03:47 am (UTC)
Hi there :).... I haven't been on here in a while in case you hadn't noticed....

I'm sorry to hear that you are down, if you still are. I know this entry was about a month ago. I can honestly relate but I'm hoping to change that. I am now a citizen of Pensacola and I have no social life either :/. I moved down here on March 30th. I have a job and will be moving into my own apartment on June 9th but have not really met anyone yet.

You must be so excited to start a new business. And I'm diggin' the whole condo and iced chai tea idea.... I could only hope for that someday. Get back to me, it would be good to hear from ya! :)
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