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Mar. 15th, 2011 @ 07:52 am

Good morning.. I'll be heading back home from Orlando soon.. I still haven't got a chance to visit the Apple store at the millennia mall... I think I decided to get the kindle instead of the iPad.. Been using my iPhone more lately, and I don't see the real purpose of getting an iPad at the moment.. I really just want a simple e-book reader. My TI-83 iPhone app compliments the kindle very well and nothing compares to pencil and paper when solving complex math problems..

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Waiting... Mar. 10th, 2011 @ 06:30 pm

I'm just wasting time waiting on my gf to get off work. I really feel like deleting or archiving all of my previous livejournal entries prior to "now"... Though I've only been updating once a year at the most, I think I'll be writing more often with this app..

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LJ has an iPhone app :-) Mar. 10th, 2011 @ 01:30 pm

I'm sure this is old news - but it makes it more convenient for me to keep up with updating this journal.. I've had my iPhone for at least a year now, and I "just" decided to start using it for apps.. I just been keeping up with everything in notepad (on my blackberry) and being extra stubborn due to the lack of qwerty keyboard on the iPhone..

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I still exist Jun. 29th, 2009 @ 04:19 am
I haven't wrote here in forever... I guess thats what happens when you start "blogging" elsewhere.. I've been doing more of my blogging on downelink.com.. I don't even have enough room for a quick update.. So much can happen in a year or so.. hmm.. I'm still in Florida.. still fighting spam for a living.. still driving my cougar.. The lady that I was renting my house from decided not to pay her mortgage, so... that house went up for auction and I had a 3 day notice to leave even though I was never late on my rent (I legally have 90 days... but after a series of emails and threats of legal action, I got all of that taken care of.. too much to type).. all of my stuff is in storage ($25/mo) and all of my mail goes to a UPS mailbox ($12.50/mo).. I don't have a car note.. I am really enjoying not having any financial responsibilities. I've been living on my own and paying my own bills since 17.. I'm 26 now.. so after 9 years of paying bills, its nice to have a break.

All of my income is spending money. I travel, go out to eat, travel.. lol.. my best friend Lynda moved to Pensacola. She's opening up an Asian Seafood and Barbecue restaurant in August, so in my free time I've been helping her clean /paint the restaurant to get it ready for health inspection... And my girlfriend L'Oreal also moved to Pensacola. She moved from DeKalb, Mississippi .... so Pensacola is really a big change for her - coming from a very small town. So far, she loves it here... She joined the women's football team here and got to play in a couple of games.. we spend alot of time on the beach.. watching the waves and running our toes in the sand.. She's been here for 2 months and we go out to eat every day.. I wish I cooked more, but I just don't have the patience to sit in front of an oven or stove..

maybe I'll eventually start writing more.. I was browsing livejournal today cuz I just bought Animal Crossing City Folk on the Wii and I was trying to find friend codes so that I can visit other towns using the WiiConnect24... I found a lj community for Animal Crossing.. so I guess I'll be on here more, as long as I stay addicted to the game.. because I work overnight, my days are free to do what I like.. I don't sleep much. maybe 2 or 3 hours of sleep a day - maximum.. so, I feel like I have all the time in the world.

um.. at one point I succeeded in weight loss.. losing a total of 48 lbs from my heaviest point.

(this was me - on the left - at my heaviest point.. ewwww)

and the weight stubbornly but eventually came off.. I feel like a regular person now... instead of a giant obese cow heifer...

(me December 2008 and 48 lbs smaller) oh yeah, I cut all my hair off too...

However, the whole "being in a relationship" thing is keeping me happy and I've been watching the pounds creep back up on me... damn I wish my metabolism was regular and I didn't gain weight like a whale.. however, I just need to start being a little more active - its not like I don't have the time...

oh well, 2 more hours of work and I'm off to another regular Siobhan weekday...

... the counseling starts Feb. 15th, 2008 @ 02:18 am
well, they gave me my diagnostic assessment with the treatment plan (yeah, I have my official "crazy" papers)... apparently I've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder AND social anxiety disorder.. I have to go to bipolar group counseling, social anxiety group counseling, and individual counseling. This starts Monday.

In other news, I should be moving into my house by next week. If I had some friends, I suppose we could have some sort of house warming party.... lol... oh well..

Its a 3 bedroom, 2 bath little cottage style florida house... It'll just be my son and I, so its a really nice size for us. I'm making the 3rd bedroom into a home office and I'm gonna get a jacuzzi for the back yard. I wish I was good at decorating... cuz I want it to give off a "coffee shop/ jazz club" feel when you walk in.

oh... I noticed the other day when I got on the scale that I'm 30 lbs smaller than I was 2 years ago... so that's pretty awesome. I would like to lose more weight. I want to be very very thin and petite.
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» dreadlocks gone / faux hawk is hot
The other day I've been diagnosed with a severe case of bipolar disorder. The mental health screening specialist said that I have to show at least 3 of several symptoms in each the "depressive" and the "mania" category... I happen to exhibit every symptom of mania. Which puts me at a hypomania episode during my "up" times. She said if it gets worst then I'll pretty much be living in a world where I think I'm a super hero. I refused medication - because I think I'm doing a decent job functioning in society. I start counseling in the morning.

I chopped all of my hair off. A random decision I made today when I came to realization that I change way too much to really think i was going to have dredlocks the rest of my life. I think it came out pretty awesome. I'm going to highlight my hair this weekend.

More faux hawk picsCollapse )

» my newest game
This is actually my first "action" game that I've written in flash. I haven't put the sound on it yet, and when you press "replay" the timer goes faster and faster.... I'm not really sure how to fix that.

I don't really update much - even in my written journal. I am still not happy when it comes to my overall emotions. I decided that I can only be happy within situations that are in my control.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention something. I've been hired to work as a Digital Arts Instructor for Univ of West Florida this summer. It's been great so far. I hate that it ends August 10th.
» Graduation Announcement

» well.... it's been awhile....
Not that anything has seriously changed... but I guess I'm just not a big writer... I've actually been keeping a paper journal. It feels more personal and I get to express more. My moods have been up and down lately. Then again, they are always up and down...lol... I have one more week of classes.. my graduation is May 5th... and I will have my Masters degree in Instructional Technology... I am in the middle of being excited and overwhelmed. I also feel like "whats the point" in all of this... not just my Masters degree but just with everything in life. I don't have a long philosophical explanation about what I feel, but I am generally unhappy with my life for some reason.

I'm starting Siotech Kid's after school computer training center in August. I have 30 computers in my garage waiting and I started writing the curriculum last night... it consists of homework activities, reading /math tutoring, FCAT practice and preparation, hardware, software, and web design - on grade levels 1st through 5th. I received all of the paper work that I have to fill out in order to employ work study students. I registered my business with the state of Florida... I have my business license and the federal tax ID... I found a great location (a snug spot in between a video game store and a child day care center)... now I just need tables, chairs, desks (and other furniture)... and I need to design an advertisement to place in local magazines and newspapers... I also need to set up times to speak about my business to the PTA members and other parents in Escambia County...

I've braided my hair into tiny little braids... and I am going to keep it like this forever... I also started running / power walking 3 miles every morning... it helps with the stress and realization that I don't have a social life... I also think I may have lost some kind of weight. I don't pay attention to my weight anymore. Everyday I become more and more distant from Cedric... I hate that I hurt him, but I really don't feel like I can love anyone in a romantic way... especially not a man. I would rather not wrap my emotions around someone. Everyone is getting married. My mom remarried last month. My best friend Lynda is engaged. I could name several other people....and it's very funny...cuz I use to want to be married. Now, I would rather not.. that's not the direction I want to go in my life. Marriage does not equal a happy ending for me. I want to move to a 3 bedroom condo on Pensacola Beach (the portofino.. $1.5 million...) and lay around in the sand while drinking iced chai tea ...
» Today I went to the salon
I have never let anyone touch my hair but me for over 10 years. Today (for some strange reason), I decided to get my hair professionally done.

3 hours and $80 later

I think she did a great job. And no scissors touched my hair!! Yea!!

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